Island Eco-Siding

Island Eco-Siding 26ga and 24ga





Almost all siding manufacturers claim their products are ‘green’, but real data is scarce and hot air is plentiful.

  • How many sidings qualify for LEEDs points?
  • How many have 35% recycled content?
  • How many are 100% recyclable?
  • How many have stood the test of being in use for over 50 years?
  • We haven’t found many.

Island Eco-siding is all of the above and comes in a variety of styles and colours (view colour chart). We manufacture Island Eco-Siding on site for a custom, seamless fit on each home with low transportation impact. Did we mention that it is made of steel? That’s right, steel. Steel is possibly the world’s most recycled material. The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council says that more than 2/3 of steel is recycled in Canada and that number is climbing. More steel is recycled by weight in Canada than aluminum, glass and paper combined.

Island Eco-Siding is long lasting, low maintenance, and cost effective.

Let’s look at life span first:

  • Steel siding has been widely used in commercial construction for over 50 years.
  • Steel roofing has a 50 year track record of durability. The materials in our siding have been proven in these applications for decades. Island Eco-Siding steel is warranted for 50 years.
  • Island Eco-Siding steel is thick (26 or 24 gauge) for impact resistance and rigidity.


Island Eco-Siding is coated with the same state of the art finishes used for steel roofing. The finish is warranted for 30 years.


No rain screen is required with Island Eco-siding. The total cost falls somewhere between cement siding and vinyl siding, neither of which are recyclable or have significant recycled content. When life cycle and maintenance costs are factored in, steel siding is one of the lowest cost products on the market.

Vinyl Siding

We wholesale vinyl siding from 4 suppliers and manufacture Island Eco-Siding:



by special order


by special order