PRO-TECH Professional Memberships:

A company that belongs to a number of professional associations indicates their level of interest in maintaining professional standards.

Vancouver Island Better Business Bureau 

The Better Business Bureau offers consumers a great deal of protection. The BBB will intercede on your behalf with accredited businesses to resolve outstanding issues.  

The BBB has no leverage with non- accredited companies and is limited to pointing out that they have unresolved complaints with the Bureau. This does not affect their ratings since they are not rated and are not accountable to the BBB.

Canadian Homebuilders Association

The Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA) is a strong voice for Canada’s residential housing industry. The CHBA advances the cause of safe and affordable housing.

They promote professionalism and provide education in all areas of residential construction. 

B.C. Construction Safety Alliance    

BCCSA’s Certificate of Recognition Program (COR) program is for employers who go beyond the Workers Compensation Act by implementing health and safety management systems.

We are audited  regularly to ensure compliance with COR standards. The results are reduced incidents, accidents, and injuries as well as the associated human and financial costs. 

Vancouver Island Construction Association

Members of the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA) are committed to conducting business on the basis of accuracy, truth, integrity and good faith.

We are obligated to maintain high standards of professional responsibility and cooperation with one another and our clients.